4100ES addressable fire alarm control panels support up to 2,500 points, fire alarm and emergency voice communication, self-testing notification appliances and IP based networking. With scalable architecture and future-proof design, 4100ES panels are ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus style networks. All Simplex addressable panels rely on TrueAlarm addressable detectors.


  • Advanced life-safety platform delivers power, flexibility, and hiugh speed network connectivity –Simplex led the industry with the 4100U system. Now, with the 4100ES platform, we’ve added a suite of technology and service improvements that can make everyone’s job easier, from contractors to facility managers and building owners, by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.
  • IP networking offers speed and flexibility at every stage – ES Net IP networking technology unlocks powerful benefits for life safety systems. Faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices delivers greater efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance. And because IP is a standard, proven technology, as it continues to evolve over time, so will ES Net, making your life safety network more resilient and future-proof.​
  • TrueAlert Addressable Appliance and Speaker Compatible – The 4100ES system can directly control Simplex’s revolutionary new TrueAlert


LCD Annunciators provide remote alphanumeric status information and can provide remote system control. The Simplex InfoAlarm Annunciator can even display information in two languages, which can be selected “on the fly” to serve different operators.

LED Annunciators, available in a variety of configurations, provide discrete LED annunciation against labeled functions or for custom graphic annunciator floor plans. Remote control is also available.​
  • LCD readout provides:  Two lines of 40 characters each; wide viewing angle; LED backlighting.
  • Control switches and status LEDs – Alarm, Priority 2, Supervisory, or Trouble acknowledge (keyswitch access controlled), alarm silence, System reset
  • Programmable control switches with yellow
    LEDs and provisions for custom labeling
  • Tone-alert sounder provides local audible indication
  • Lamp and LCD are functionally tested each time the
    keyswitch is turned on


The Simplex 4098-9714 is an analog and addressable, replacement, photoelectric smoke detector head. The Simplex 4098-9714 sensor head is designed to provide 360° smoke entry for optimum response to smoke from any direction. Due to its photoelectric operation, air velocity is not normally a factor, except for impact on area smoke flow for the Simplex 4098-9714.

This photoelectric detector can be used with the 4010 and 4100U series control panels from Simplex. It also is compatible with the 4008, 4020, 4210, and 4100 series, as well as with 2120 TrueAlarm CDT’s.

icon f SIMPLEX 4098-9733 Heat Detector

TrueAlarm heat sensors are self-restoring and provide rate compensated, fixed temperature sensing, selectable with or without rate-of-rise
temperature sensing. Due to its small thermal mass, the sensor accurately and quickly measures the local temperature for analysis at the fire alarm
control panel.

Rate-of-rise temperature detection is selectable at the control panel for either 15° F (8.3° C) or 20° F (11.1° C) per minute. Fixed temperature sensing
is independent of rate-of-rise sensing and programmable to operate at 135° F (57.2° C) or 155° F (68° C). In a slow developing fire, the temperature
may not increase rapidly enough to operate the rate-of-rise feature. However, an alarm will be initiated when the temperature reaches its rated fixed
temperature setting.

TrueAlarm heat sensors can be programmed as a utility device to monitor for temperature extremes in the range from 32° F to 155° F (0° C to 68° C).
This feature can provide freeze warnings or alert to HVAC system problems.

icon f SIMPLEX 4098-9754 Multi Detector

TrueAlarm multi-sensor model 4098-9754 combine the established performances of a TrueAlarm photoelectric smoke sensor with a fast-acting and accurate TrueAlarm thermal sensor to provide both features in a single sensor/base assembly. Digital Communication of Analog Sensing. Analog information from each sensor is digitally communicated to the control panel where it is analyzed. Photoelectric sensor input is stored and tracked as an average value with an alarm or abnormal condition being determined by comparing the sensor’s present value against its average value. Thermal data is processed to look for absolute or rate-of-rise temperature as desired. Intelligent Data Evaluation. Monitoring each photoelectric sensor’s average value provides a software filtering process that compensates for environmental factors (dust, dirt, etc.) and component aging, providing an accurate reference for evaluating new activity. The result is a significant reduction in the probability of false or nuisance alarms caused by shifts in sensitivity, either up or down. Status indications of dirty and excessively dirty are automatically generated allowing maintenance to be performed per device.


Simplex addressable manual stations combine the familiar Simplex manual station housing with a compact communication module that is easily installed to satisfy demanding applications. Its integral individual addressable module (IAM) constantly monitors status and communicates changes to the connected control panel via IDNet or MAPNET II communications wiring.
  • Multiple operation types – Single action; Double action, Breakglass operation; Double Action, Push operation; Single action NO GRIP operation. Operation complies with ADA requirements.
  • Individually addressable manual fire alarm stations – Power and data supplied via IDNet or MAPNET II addressable communications using a single wire pair. Compatible with Simplex fire alarm control panels equipped with either IDNet or MAPNET II communications.
  • Compact construction – Electronics module enclosure minimizes dust infiltration; Allows mounting in standard electrical boxes; Screw terminals for wiring connections; Tamper resistant reset key lock (keyed same as Simplex fire alarm cabinets).

icon f TrueAlert Non-Addressable Horn

TrueAlert non-addressable horn model 4901-9820 is an audible notification appliance with a loud and penetrating, harmonically rich sound that can be controlled either directly from a standard NAC (freerun operation mode) or by the SmartSync two-wire operation mode. Standard (free-run) operation mode. In the free-run mode, a positive voltage from the controlling NAC will activate the horn according to the desired output of continuous or coded output per the controlling NAC’s capabilities.

SmartSync mode. When selected for SmartSync mode and used with compatible Simplex control (refer to list on page 2), this horn can be wired onto the same two-wire NAC circuit as visible appliances but with separately controlled operation. Typical applications are audible notification activated as “onuntil-silenced” and visible notification appliances activated “on-untilreset.” In addition, visible appliances (strobes) on the same circuit are activated with synchronized flashes. SmartSync control two-wire advantage. Allowing these separate controls to be carried on the same two-wire NAC circuit can significantly reduce installation time and expense for both retrofit and new construction. Flexible mounting. This horn can be semi-flush or surface mounted on a standard single gang, double gang, or 4″ square (102 mm) electrical box. Optional accessories are available to increase mounting and application flexibility

icon f TrueAlert Multi-Candela Notification Appliances

Multi-Candela TrueAlert A/Vs with horn and synchronized strobe provide convenient installation to standard electrical boxes. The enclosure designs are both impact and vandal resistant and provide a convenient strobe intensity selection. Since each model can be selected for strobe intensity output, on-site model inventory is minimized and changes encountered during construction can be easily accommodated.

Wall mount A/V housings are a one-piece assembly (including lens) that mounts to a single or double gang, or 4” square standard electrical box. The cover can be quickly removed (a tool is required) and covers are available separately for color conversion.

Ceiling mount A/Vs install using standard 4” electrical boxes. Color choice is determined by model number

icon f TrueAlarm Duct Detectors

Simplex® air duct smoke detector housings provide a TrueAlarm smoke detector for monitoring air conditioning or ventilating ducts. Sampling tubes are installed into the duct allowing air to be directed to the smoke detector mounted in the housing. These duct detector housings with smoke detectors are compatible with Simplex fire alarm control panels that provide conventional two-wire or four-wire initiating device circuits (IDCs).

Includes factory installed TrueAlarm photoelectric smoke detector and features:
On-board TrueAlarm sensitivity drift compensation and dirt accumulation tracking
Multi-function status LED indicator
Magnetic test that initiates an alarm and provides detailed diagnostic information
Clear cover allowing visual inspection
Test ports provide functional smoke testing access with cover in place
UL listed to Standard 268A


Individual addressable modules (IAMs) receive both power and communications from a two-wire MAPNET II or IDNet circuit. They provide location specific addressability to a single initiating device (such as single station smoke detector alarm contacts or heat detector contacts) or multiple devices at the same location by monitoring normally open dry contacts and the wiring to an end-of-line resistor.

Model 4090-9001 is packaged in a thermoplastic housing and provides screw terminal connections and a status indicating LED.

Model 4090-9051 is an encapsulated package with wire leads. It does not provide a status indicating LED.


IDNet Relay IAMs allow fire alarm control panels to control a remotely located Form “C” contact using IDNet addressable communications for both data and module power. Typical applications would be for switching local power for control functions such as elevator capture, or control of HVAC components, pressurization fans, dampers, etc. Relay status is also communicated requiring only one device address.

Individual Addressable Relay Module (Relay IAM):
IDNet addressable control for use with Simplex® fire alarm control panel models 4007ES, 4008, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U
A single addressable point provides control and status tracking of a Form “C” contact
Low power latching relay design allows IDNet communications to supply both data and module power
Relay is set to OFF on initial power up and upon loss of IDNet communications


4090-9116 Addressable IDNet Communications Isolators provide IDNet communications isolation to improve installation convenience and increase system integrity. Isolation is automatically activated when an output short circuit is detected and isolation can also be selected manually from the control panel to assist with troubleshooting wiring problems. Operation. Isolators power-up in isolation mode and are directed to connect by the control panel. If the output wiring is acceptable, the isolator will connect to the rest of the circuit. If the output wiring is shorted, the isolator remains isolated

Dual port, bi-directional communications short circuit isolator:
Compatible with Simplex® 4007ES, 4008, 4010ES, 4100ES, or 4100U Series fire alarm control panel IDNet Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) providing: IDNet, IDNet+, IDNet 1+, IDNet 2, or IDNet 2+2 output loops (see additional information on pages 2 and 3)
Either port can serve as an input or output, ports are automatically separated when a communications short circuit occurs
Isolation can also be activated from the control panel for system diagnostics
Mounts in standard 4” (102 mm) square electrical box, optional adapter plate is available to mount in a 4 1116” (119 mm) square electrical box
LED flashes to indicate communications; optional covers are available to view LED after installation
TrueAlarm sensor base IDNet Isolators are also available, refer to data sheet S4098-0025 for details
UL listed to Standard 864

icon f Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors 50R/100R ~50RU/100RU

The Fireray® 50R/100R series of reflective infrared optical beam smoke detectors are comprised of a single unit incorporating an infrared Transmitter and Receiver. The signal is reflected by a prism and analysed for smoke presence. The system is designed to be mounted so that the beam will project between 0.3 and 0.6 metres below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 7.5 metres either side of the beam.

Key Benefits

  • Single Compact Housing
  • Area coverage 50 metre or 100 metre model available
  • 12-24 Vdc Operation
  • Low current Consumption
  • Robust Construction
  • Conforms to: BS5839 Part 5 and EN54 part 12, UL and VdS


The Fireray® 50R/100R series of reflective infrared optical beam smoke detectors provide economical and effective protection of large, open plan spaces with high ceilings, particularly if access to ‘point type’ smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

icon f Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors Auto-Aligning Fireray 5000

The Fireray® 3000 End-to-End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector (OBSD) has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

Key Benefits

  • Allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller
  • Range 5 to 120 metres, configurable per set of Detectors
  • Integral Laser Alignment in Receiver
  • 2-wire Interface between Controller and Receiver
  • Seperate Fire and Fault Relays per Detector
  • Low Level Controller with LCD display
  • Programmable Sensitivity and Fire/Fault delay
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for drift compensation
  • First Fix concept for Transmitter, Receiver and Controller
  • Multiple cable gland knockouts for ease of wiring
  • Transmitter can be powered from Controller
  • Patented Light Cancellation Technology (LCT) cancels unwanted light, including sunlight, sodium lamps and fluorescent lighting.

icon f End-to-End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector FIRERAY 3000

The Fireray® 5000 motorised reflective, auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector can be installed with up to two detector heads per system, thus saving on installation time and costs. In addition, each system controller houses two pairs of fire and fault relays, one per detector. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.

Key benefits

  • Allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller
  • Each Detector configurable from 8m to 100m
  • Separate Fire and Fault relays per Detector
  • Integral LASER alignment
  • Auto-Align Fast Automatic Beam Alignment
  • Building Movement and Contamination Compensation
  • Low Level System Controller
  • Logs the 50 most recent events per detector
  • Approved to EN54:12 and UL268