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Turbine Pump Supplier


Flexible staging enables capacity requirements in minimum floor space.

• Complete unit responsiveness.
• Complete in-house fabrication capabilities.
•Hydrostatic strength testing facilities.
• Operation run test as per NFPA 20, UL 448 requirements.
• Vertical turbine models for capacities from 50 to 1500 US GPM.
•Drivers: Electric motor drive or diesel engine drive.
•Electrical testing capabilities for motors and controllers as per NFPA standards.
• Capable to supply additional accessories wherever required.
• Rugged construction for longer service life.
•Specifically designed for fire fighting applications as per NFPA 20.
•Excellent mechanical and hydraulic design characteristics for efficient performance.


Suction bell is furnished with an extra long bearing that strengthens and provides rigid
support for the lower end of the pump shaft. Suction bell provides efficient flow into the eye
of the first stage impeller.


The rugged pump discharge head assembly is made of close- grained cast iron. It has
smooth passageways that ensures efficient overall operation and provides an above ground
connection to the discharge piping.

The pump bowls have vanes cast integrally in them. These vanes are designed to match
accurately with the impeller, and are smoothly contoured to guide the flow to next stage
with maximum efficiency.


Impellers are enclosed type, made of bronze / SS 304 and matched to the pump bowls. Each
impeller is statically / dynamically balanced as per ISO 1940-1 to insure highest efficiency
and vibration free operation.


Pump column pipe shall be in sections not longer than 10.ft each. Column pipe is flanged
type. Flanged connections are accurately machined to accept bearing retainers and are
bolted together securely for proper sealing.


The shaft sealing is gland packing type. A lantern ring is furnished between the packing and it relieves pump
pressure from the upper packing rings by bypassing the
high pressure water through its relief ports.

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