UL Listed Fire Pump Supplier in Bangladesh | Compliance BD
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Our Products

UL Listed Fire Pump

  • Family or powerful addressable detection and control gadgets – pull stations, monitoring system and control gadgets, heat identifiers, smoke detector and etc.
  • Gives interfaces to different systems, for example, sprinklers or HVAC, for office-wide checking and control.
    Converts non-addressable gadgets into addressable usefulness.
  • Gives isolators to higher system and system network quality when it picks.
  • Very Good for new construction, retrofits or extension.
  • Turbosan manufactures firefighting sets following NFPA 20 and TS EN 12485 with the pumps in range
    As principle putting out fires pump, a few diverse pump sorts are utilized. Reasonable pumps chose the required head and limit esteem and all pump firefighting bunch get collected on the normal base casing.
  • Performance qualities of the pumps consent to NFPA 20.
  • Firefighting system set comprises of the diesel motor driven pump, electric motor driven pump or two electric motor driven pumps to keep system pressure steady and to repay system releases set move draws fitted to the sets.