Fire Hydrants, or hydrant outlets, are installed within the building to enable firefighters to connect their hoses to a water supply to fight fires. Alternatively, they may be kept full of water and supplied from tanks and pumps in the building. A fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection method, consisting of a water supply system.

Alarm Check Valve

  • Available with lockable handle.
  • 1″ or 1 ¼” pedal to the metal test valve.
  • Easy access for adjusting.
  • Space sparing outline.
  • Quick and simple establishment.
  • Fewer joints limit the danger of breaks.
  • Cost sparing because of an enhanced establishment.

Auto Air Vent

  • Quieter systems, no more gurgling noises.
  • No more manual bleeding of radiators.
  • Increased component life.
  • 5-10% electricity savings
  • Better heat transfer
  • No costly callbacks
  • No costly callbacks
  • Clean water system throughout the life of the installer
  • Reduced costs during long-term maintenance contracts
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Faster Commissioning, reduced installation time.
  • No more manual venting after commissioning.
  • No costly callbacks.
  • Reduced costs during long-term maintenance contracts.
  • 3 Year guarantee.
  • Added value product.
  • Satisfied customers, enhanced reputation.
  • Eliminates sludge build up.
  • Proven design.
  • Can be used in conjunction with chemical flushing.
  • Added value product.
  • Satisfied customers, enhanced reputation.

Brass Ball Valve with Locking Lever (1.33)

  • Material: Brass and plastic
  • Color: Brass and red tone
  • Outside Thread Diameter: Approx. 0.4inch/ 10mm
  • Lever Handle Size: Approx. 1.89 x 0.47inch/ 48 x 12mm
  • Ball Valve Length: Approx. 1.89inch/ 48mm
  • Faucet Length: Approx. 0.59inch/ 15mm
  • 3/8 female thread to 3/8 male pipe
  • Drain cock shutoff with forged brass body, lever handle
  • It is easy to join for air piping and pneumatic tools directly
  • Self-locking type design, more convenient to use
  • Hand tightening provides metal to metal seal
  • Designed for residential, commercial use with water, oil or gas

Butterfly Valve

  • Size Range: 2-20″ (50-500mm).
  • Larger sizes on application.
  • Temparature Range: to 250°F (121°C)
  • Presure Range: 2-20” (50-500mm) = 250 psi (1720 kPa) with ductile iron/nickel plated disc; 200 psi (1380 kPa) with 316 stainless steel disc.
  • Shutoff Features Available: Full rated bi-directional shutoff, Bubble Tight lugged.
  • Body Styles: Wafer or lugged.
  • Body Material: 2-20” (50-500mm) ductile iron; 24-42” (600-900mm) cast iron
  • Actuator Available Type: Square nut, Power Rack, Lever, double-acting and spring- return cylinder hand & chain wheel, G-Series cylinder.
  • Vacuum service

 Fire Brigade Connection

  • The Raindrop 2 and 4-way gulf breeching valves hold a reduced plan with astounding stream attributes, fantastic throwing completes with consumption safe covering.
  • Highlights incorporate 25mm deplete valve with blanking top and chain, upkeep free and vertical or even mounting.
  • Produced as per BS 5141: Part 3:1987
  • Hydrostatically tried to 20 Bar

Fire Hose Cabinet

  • Fire Hose Cabinet, which is found either recessed or surface mounted onto the wall of a building
  • Fire Hose Cabinets are made as per BS 5041 Part 4
  • Accessible in red (RAL 3002) or stainless steel
  • Other Ral hues accessible upon ask

 Flow Switch

New directional cover enables installers and examiners to effectively observe the bearing of the flow

  • UL-recorded models are NEMA 4 appraised
  • The new cover gives a superior seal, is lighter weight, not painted and consumption safe
  • Fixed retard component safe to tidy and different contaminants
  • Less uncovered metal decreases stun risk, the plastic cover goes about as the encasing and is impervious to arcing
  • Visual Flow Switch enactment
  • Perceptible switch enactment (73 dBA)
  • Field-replaceable clock/switch gathering
  • Obliges up to 12 AWG wire
  • Switch synchronization initiates both alert board and a nearby ringer or horn strobe
  • Alter safe cover screws
  • Enhanced water fixing
  • Diminished item weight
  • Wire-prepared terminals
  • Enhanced wiring with new terminal piece design
  • Snap-in discretionary cover alters switch
  • Enhanced clock repeatability and exactness
  • Exceptional Designs, for use in Liquids or Gasses

Gate Valve (103FF OS & Y300 PSI Resilient Wedge Gate Valve -1.09)

  • UL/FM approved.FM on sizes 65mm (2.5″) to 300mm (12″); Resilient Wedge – Maximum Service Pressure 20.7 bar.
  • Fits in with AWWA C509.

 Hose Nozzle

  • Material: Brass/Bronze
  • Used to shape and direct water stream for flame assurance
  • With a Jet/Spray spout head
  • Test Pressure: 200 psi
  • Working Pressure: 100psi

Hose Reel

  • BSI Kitemark and LPCB Certified
  • Lightweight and adaptable
  • Hose Reel has a place with Type 2 with Elastomeric lining, the Synthetic fiber supports an elastomeric covering on the fortification
  • Hose Reel gives great security against the retention of fluids and protection of the support
  • Against decay and hostile to the wind
  • Hose with couplings is twisted by Galvanized gentle steel/SS wire

 Non-Return Valve

Non-Return Valve designed for use in pipelines, systems, and machines for different industry. They are very good for liquid products, additives, and cleaning liquids. Non-Return Valve can prevent pipelines running empty and are ideally installed on the pressure side of pumps to prevent the liquid level dropping or higher system components running empty when the pump is switched off. Mixing and metering systems, which combine different media, are another use of it. Many manufacturers use Non-Return Valve for various applications. Non-Return Valves received their name from what they do. These values allow fluid, whether in the form of liquid or gas, to flow in only in one direction. There are different types of non-return valves such as spring-loaded, clapper and swing. These specific valves are used mainly in heating and cooling systems but can also be seen in water systems.


UL Listed Fire Sprinkler System in Bangladesh by Compliance BD activates automatically without human intervention within the first few minutes of a fire breaking out. It sends an immediate, automatic alert to the local fire department. UL Listed Fire Sprinkler System in Bangladesh by Compliance BD Improves the chances of survival by limiting the spread of flames and the production of smoke. UL Listed Fire Sprinkler System in Bangladesh by Compliance BD can limit damage to the building. It also limits the risk of financial loss due to shutdowns in the case of a workplace fire. UL Listed Fire Sprinkler System in Bangladesh by Compliance BD generally lower insurance premiums for buildings protected by an automatic sprinkler system.

We offer an array of UL Listed Fire Sprinkler systems to keep your commercial buildings safe. Compliance BD offers the highest quality UL Listed Fire Sprinkler systems to keep your business safe from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Our trained & experienced engineers will work with you to determine which brands UL Listed Fire Sprinkler System is best for your business structure. We will also help install and maintain the system for your commercial building.

Upright Brass Sprinkler & Pendent Brass Sprinkler

  • RD020/RD021 Conventional, RD022/RD023 Pendant and RD024/RD025 Upright are Standard/Quick Response frangible glass knob programmed sprinkler.
  • They are CE Marked and LPCB endorsed standard opening flame sprinkler for the establishment of flame sprinkler frameworks outlined as per standard establishment rules, e.g. EN12845 or the prerequisites of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Traditional Upright sprinkler creates a circular water release design and the Pendant/Upright deliver a hemispherical water conveyance design underneath the redirector.
  • In a fire condition, the warmth makes the liquid in the glass knob grow which smash the glass and discharges the spring seal gathering.
  • Water streams from the hole onto the sprinkler redirector which diffuses the water into a uniform shower design which stifles or controls the fire.

 Y Strainer

  • Compliance BD supplies Y Strainer which is a device that removes unwanted solids from liquid or gas or steam lines by means of the wire mesh straining element. It is mostly used in pipelines to protect meters, pumps, control valves, steam traps, regulators and any other process or in similar equipment. Y Strainer from Compliance BD is very much cost effective solution in different applications.
  • Y Strainer in Bangladesh is widely used in a variety of liquid straining applications to protect downstream processing system components and others in many different industries. It is used to protect various kind of equipment that could be damaged by unwanted sand or gravel.