We are one of the region’s leading provider of fire detection & notification systems and fire alarm system as part of our fire fighting solutions in Bangladesh. Our wide range of systems will alert all inhabitants that a fire is taking place in your property and the necessary evacuation procedures. ComplianceBD supplies products that will enhance the safety of your building . We provide both UL and FM approved, as well as LBCP approved fire alarm systems.

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Simplex Fire Detection

icon f Hochiki – Fire Detection & Notification System

In 1972, the Hochiki America Corporation subsidiary was established and by the end of the year received its first UL approval for its Ionization Smoke Detector.Hochiki America’s first manufacturing facility began production in the mid 80’s and they haven’t looked back.Hochiki has enjoyed continued grow for the past 40 years in the U.S.

To some, Hochiki may be a new name in the Fire alarm market, but Hochiki has been a life safety equipment provider since 1918. Today, Hochiki consists of 5 factories, 19 subsidiaries, and 36 branches operations worldwide from the US, to Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Thailand and Australia to name a few.

Innovation has been at the heart of Hochiki’sgrowth over the years. In 1920, the world’s first addressable fire alarm system was installed in Japan by Hochiki. Then in 1951, they produced the first “Rate-of-Rise” heat detector and because of that innovation, Hochiki was invited to be a part of NFPA (National Fire Alarm Association) even though they would not open their fist US office until 1971. By 1973 their first “Intrinsically Safe” Fire Alarm System was developed to be used in areas that have a high potential for explosions. Then in the 1980’s, Hochiki developed an addressable fire protocol called Digital Communication Protocol (DCP). In the 90’s, Hochiki America obtained its ISO 9002 certification.

Additionally, Hochiki built one of the world’s largest fire testing facilities to ensure the highest quality and most reliable fire products possible in today’s ever-changing global market.


icon f Shield – Fire Detection & Notification System

The SHIELD range of Addressable Fire Detectors is advanced in design and performance and offers unique features that benefit both the installer and the
end user. SHIELD Fire Detectors uses a ‘central intelligence’ system where all the decisions are made by the control panel. Each detector is addressed using SHIELD’s patented XPERT Card and supplied with the mounting bases. The SHIELD product line includes a photo-electric detector, a heat detector, a multisensor, an isolator and a series of modules.

• XPERT Card addressing
• Analog value report
• Alarm flags for fast alarm response
• Synchronization of all loop powered notification devices
• Advanced error check


icon f Simplex – Fire Detection & Notification System

Founded in 1894, SIMPLEX is the world’s premier manufacturer of fire and security products with more than 10 decades of history. During January 2001, it was merged with Tyco to become a member of Tyco International Services GmbH. In September 2016 Tyco and Johnson Controls merged to become a global leader in Building Products, Technologies & Integrated Solutions and Energy Storage. As a core brand of Johnson Controls, SIMPLEX has achieved their goal in helping countries throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and many other regions with their fire safety and fire systems.

Simplex Fire Alarm Networks communicate information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels. The unique message management system provides fast response to critical functions. Each network card operates independently, providing superior distance coverage between panels communicating on the network. Systems may be composed of similar capability panels sharing information, Data Gathering Panels (DGPs – which collect field data but do not have displays), or specific nodes may be added to perform dedicated network functions.