VESDA Smoke Detection Systems are smoke detection by Aspiration Technology used for early warning applications where response to a fire is critical. VESDA system works by continually drawing air into the pipe network of VESDA through a high efficiency aspirator or filtering system . A sample of this air is then passed through a dual stage filter and processed for output through VESDA Panel. For Spot Type Detection Check FIRE DETECTION & NOTIFICATION SYSTEM

Aspiration System VESDA

  • Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 applications
  • Groups A,B,C and D
  • Up to 2000 m2 (21,520 sq. ft.) scope
  • Up to 4 bay channels
  • Total pipe length up to 360 m (1181 ft)
  • Five (5) high power status LEDs for more noteworthy deceivability
  • Robust total smoke location
  • Intelligent Filter (patent pending)
  • Lint Trap to catch stringy particulates
  • Sub-testing Probe (inertial separator)
  • Secondary Filter
  • Clean air obstruction for optics assurance
  • Referencing
  • AutoLearn™ Smoke and Flow
  • Clean Air Zero™
  • Air-way observing
  • Five (5) transfers (Fire, Fault and 3 configurable)
  • Relays configurable as locking or non-hooking
  • Expandable GPI and transfers
  • Ultrasonic stream detecting
  • Xtralis VSC, Xtralis VSM4 and ASPIRE programming support
  • IP66 Enclosure
  • Easy mounting with steel bolster section
  • Modular field replaceable parts for simplicity of overhauling
  • Local USB design port
  • Easy link end get to
  • Imperial and metric pipe ports
  • Rubberized complete to outside lodging

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology

  • The FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology arrangement is a line of suctioning smoke finders that draw air into a protected, high-affectability smoke-detecting chamber through a pipe organize
  • This approach empowers the FAAST arrangement to convey profoundly precise Standard Detection, Early Warning Fire Detection, and Very Early Warning Fire Detection that addresses the issues of an assortment of situations, including mission-basic offices like server farms where downtime from smoke or flames can be extraordinarily expensive
  • All FAAST locators come standard with Modbus availability in combination with building administration systems
  • Keen FAAST finders incorporate straightforwardly with significant fire caution control boards with no additional equipment or programming