Portable PA & PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier (WA-320) | Compliance BD
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Portable PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier

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PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier is ideal for use in Class Rooms, Meetings, Presentations, Wedding Parties, Bus Tours, Outdoor Activities or any application where persevering sound working environments are not open. PA Wireless Meeting Amplifier remote segment licenses essential and inconvenience free establishment and use. The size of WA-320 enables you to obligingly put it wherever you want

  • Where WA-320 is to be utilized for a broad party, the Rec. Yield can be connected with the Aux duty of a high wattage PA intensifier to secure higher yield
  • Constrained, lightweight and simple to pass on
  • Adequate to cover a party of 100 individuals
  • Wears down 3 control sources: AC Mains, DC 12V Car Battery, Dry Cells (8ã—UM-1)
  • Two Wired Microphones can be utilized
  • Can Connect: CD player, Cassette Recorder, Wired Microphone, PC/Laptop
  • VHF High Band Wireless System. Open in 8 specific frequencies (170-200MHz)
  • Outfitted with Wireless Microphone Die-cut AWL-321A or Hand-Held AWM-322
  • Separate Bass and Treble controls gave
  • Division degree is around 100 feet